Last year, just a few weeks ago in December, Xcel Energy made the announcement that it would be setting a target to be 100% emissions free by 2050. This is a big deal and a giant step in the right direction for a large utility company. All utility companies need to be coming up with solutions to the climate change problem and happy to see, although very late in the game, that maybe our country and the planet as a whole is finally taking this issue seriously. Climate Change is real and we, human being are mostly to blame for it. Just keep that in mind.

Xcel had originally set a goal of 50%, but now is in line with the reports that say we must be carbon zero by 2050 if we are to avoid total collapse of our economy and more importantly civilization.

There are of course naysayers who think that this cannot be achieved, but I think taking a quote from an old movie we all remember, “that if you build it they will come”. If we set goals we can accomplish the impossible, especially within a 30 year time frame.

To note, the announcement does say emissions free, we should all know whether this means 100% renewable energy or if there is going to be carbon credit trading, or sequestration. I assume that considering the scope and size of Xcel they will be investigating all options.